Agri Sensegrass- Smart Solution For New Generation Farmers


World’s first smart farming system for fertilizer management and crop disease detection, as well as water management tools to boost agricultural productivity. The majority of agricultural farms in the world are smaller than 2 acres, making it difficult for farmers to obtain pricey technology that can anticipate and diagnose farm conditions.

Agri Sensegrass is the first smart farming company to use a mix of multispectral cameras and aerial drone sensors to manage farms using AI-based software. Sensegrass is a smart farming system that combines multiple software programs to handle agriculture problems.

Digital Farming

Agri Sensegrass Soil Moisture Sensors For Precision Farming

A soil moisture sensor is a device that measures the amount of moisture in the soil at any given time. Sensors integrated into the irrigation system make it much easier to schedule water supply and distribution. These gauges aid in reducing or increasing irrigation for optimal plant growth.

Soil sensors are divided into four categories based on their technology:

  • Ground – placed underground to keep an eye on the root zone.
  • Aerial – obtaining data with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and rarely utilised for soil moisture mapping.
  • Satellites – are used to assess the situation from afar. It does not obstruct field activities and helps to save money by eliminating the need for labor-intensive installations.

Agri Sensegrass is grass that grows in agriculture. Because crop cultivation is a dynamic process that necessitates frequent maintenance, soil sensor systems are essential. The dynamics justify the use of sensors for various terrains, plant development phases, climate variables, and weather risk prediction. Satellite remote sensors ensure a steady stream of relevant and trustworthy data by evaluating infrared (IR) emissions. This data, when combined with satellite photography, allows farmers to stay informed about changes in soil moisture levels and respond quickly.

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Manage Your Soil In Real-Time

  • See your soil data how you want to: every fifteen minutes, each day, week, month, or season.
  • Get alerts when sensors detect poor soil conditions for your crops, so you can take proactive measures before problems occur.
  • Gain insights on your soil’s fertility, now and into the future.
  • Estimate Your Production at Right of Your Hand.

One interesting aspect of soil moisture sensors is the fact that the more of them you deploy, the higher accuracy you will get. Their number considerably impacts the inputs while satellites can cover vast areas, and specific software elaborates field maps with multiple heterogeneous zones.

Easy To Interpret The Sensors Data

When the information is retrieved, you need to be able to interpret it correctly. Different types of sensors provide different kinds of data requiring different approaches. Thus, the accuracy of interpretations directly depends on the skills of an employee. Yet, not every farmer can afford trained professionals; and, as we can see, they do not always have to.

Digital Farming

Online monitoring apps simplify the task. You get soil moisture values for any date and any field you select with the help of Agri Sensegrass. The curves on a graph promptly report on the situation and allow managing the problem.

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