Agritech - RoboSlog, Robotics in India

SenseGrass offers 360 farming solutions based on cutting edge technology like Nano-Satellite Mapping, Rover Bots and AI-based mobile & web application that makes farming super-efficient & easy.


IoT Application
Web & Mobile applications that assist in precision farming & prescribe high yield practices

Superior spacial data that gives heat maps for vegetation, hydro level & multispectral images

Rover Bots
Automate the process scan, sense & spray with powerful All terrain rover bots.

IoT Sensors
Get real-time data from the ground level sensors for soil micro Insights & actions

Cutting Edge Technology in Farming

World first smart farming solution for fertilizers management and to detect crop disease to increase crop yield with water control tools. Majority of agricultural farms in the world are less than 2 acres and it is difficult for farmers in getting access to expensive technology to predict farm conditions and diagnosis. Sensegrass brings first smart farming technology with the combination of multispectral cameras and Aerial drone sensors for farm management with AI-based software. Sensegrass is a smart farming solution to solve agriculture issues with one software.


See your soil data how you want to: every fifteen minutes, each day, week, month, or season.

Get alerts when sensors detect poor soil conditions for your crops, so you can take proactive measures before problems occur.

Gain insights on your soil’s fertility, now and into the future.

Estimate Your Production at Right of Your Hand.