Things to know before applying for any position in our organization (Career Terms):

1) If you applied on RoboSlog for a job/internship and received communication from RoboSlog, you must respond positively in 10 working days. Read the offer letter carefully provided by us, and then only join the organization.

please ask at, in case of any doubt or if you don’t get it.

We may take 3 working days to reply to your queries, similarly, providing a certificate, LOR etc may take up to 10 days. Always feel free to call us or send mail in case of emergency.

LOR always is the choice of our organization even if we mention it in the job/internship description, one can get it only if perform well.

2) You must provide accurate and legitimate information while registering. If we find misrepresentation of information, We or RoboSlog reserves the right to reject your job/internship or block you as a regular user of a RoboSlog.

3) In the job/internship period, as an intern you may have access to our credentials, doc data, etc, you should not sell/transfer/share the data with any other entity, if you do so, We may start direct legal action against you.

4) We verify the profile thoroughly & keep only 1 verification document for address proof, but still, we may ask your others to verify things later in some special cases.

5) We try to keep a friendly working environment for our employees/candidates, but in case of any misbehaviour/misconduct by our employees/interns, you should notify us as soon as possible, so we can disable their account & can take the necessary action.

6) We will try a job/internship that could be a great learning journey for you, but we can’t assure the learning. as it depends on your learning rate/interest. Also, keep remembering it’s not training, we can guide you when you already know the basics of a related profile.

7) You must not post any offensive material/ unethical content /religious comment /racial comment on RoboSlog if you do so, your account will be Deactivated and legal action may be taken against you according to the law of India.

8) If you will not perform well during this job/internship, we can terminate the job according to the notice period written in the job offer letter, in case of an internship, we can terminate the internship without any prior notice.

Also, if you join/want to join another internship/job while working with us without confirmation/allowance, we will be authorized to reject your internship whenever we get to know about it.

9) As part of our org, Anything developed during this job/internship, we have the authority to keep that source file/design or codes.

10) RoboSlog reserves the right to modify the above term and conditions. New terms of service will be available on