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OBD ii GPS tracker is the most convenient vehicle GPS tracking device. This tracker plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II port for easy installation. The OBD ii tracker installs within seconds and runs itself. OBD tracker can be used in any car or van manufactured after 2000.

Why we need OBD?


 “The device can be set to alert you when the vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit of whatever road it is currently travelling on.


 The device can be set to alert you whenever the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.


 The device tracks the rate of deceleration of the vehicle, a major indicator of aggressive driving, and alerts you when the vehicle exceeds a safe threshold.


Another major indicator of aggressive driving, the device also tracks the rate of acceleration of the vehicle and alerts you when the vehicle exceeds a safe threshold.”




OBD-II Background

The OBD-II specification is controlled by the Society of Automobile Engineers and defines the method for requesting diagnostic data and provides a list of standard parameters from the engine control unit. The specification was first released in 1979. Today, depending upon the vehicle, the tracker can retrieve values that include: throttle, engine RPM, fuel available. In some vehicles, the device can even retrieve engine diagnostic codes.

Where is my OBD-II Port?

The OBD-II diagnostic port, also known as a Data Link Connector (DLC), is generally located on the driver’s side of the car or truck under the dash. The location will vary between different manufacturers, models, and production years of a car or truck model. 

Testing Tracking Device Installation

With the creation of your account, a username and password were sent to you for our tracking website. Logon to the system and go to the reports section. Run the unit list view report. Check to be sure the tracking device is reporting ignition on/off events.

What else OBD can do ?

1.Read error diagnostic code

2.Clear the fault code (clear the error code and turn off MIL)

3.Engine revolutions per minute (RPM)

4.Calculated load value

5.Coolant temperature

6.Fuel system status



8.Short-term fuel situation

9.Long-term fuel situation

10.Intake manifold pressure

11.Fuel injection advance time

12.Intake air temperature


& Many more….


Plug & Play Fleet Tracking Devices


This guide focusses on the installation / use of OBD-II trackers. This family of GPS trackers utilizes the vehicle diagnostic port in most domestic vehicles. Most vehicles are compatible with the OBD-II standard, but some are not. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine if there is a potential issue.

Note: Since the vehicle manufacturer is responsible for complying with the SAE standard, we cannot guarantee that our GPS OBD-II tracking device will perform with your vehicle.

Yes, once the GPS OBD tracker is fully active you can switch it between vehicles as you desire.

Yes the real time GPS vehicle tracking OBD unit can be installed in less then 30 seconds.

The live GPS car tracking devices use the cellular networks to transmit data back to our servers. All the location are obtained using a minimum of 4 satellites. We offer live GPS tracking service on Airtel, Voda or  Jio.. If you have a preference let us know when you make an order. There is no extra charge for any network.

By default the OBD-II port GPS tracker do not make any noise. Although silent by default, some OBD-II GPS tracker devices are capable of buzzing to correct driver behavior. Contact customer support if you are interested in this feature. All devices have dim LEDs. You can cover them if needed and it will not impact service.

Every passenger vehicle manufactured since 2000 has an OBD port.


 After plugging in your GPS-OBD unit your installation is complete. Your device will automatically start reporting every time the vehicle is switched on and will continue reporting based on your service plan.

Simply log into the web portal and view live or historical OBD port gps tracking at any time. Access tracking from Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, or other web enabled devices. There is no limit on how often you can view your plug-in GPS car tracker’s trips.

At RoboSlog we make GPS tracking simple and easy to use. We know there is no one size OBD vehicle tracker or plan that fits all. So we give you the option to pick your own service plan, change plans or cancel at any time.