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We provides Custom Electronic Design, PCB Design, IoT Product Design, Embedded Systems Design, Firmware/Software development, Prototyping & Manufacturing Services covering a wide area in the electronics domain. Since 2017, we are in the business of design various types of custom electronic products at affordable costs while delivering high quality of work. 

Services Electronic circuit design

Contact us for your custom electronic product development & manufacturing needs.

  • We can take schematics in any form (pdf, sketch, etc.) and convert them into an electronic CAD format.
  • Design rules communicated at the schematic level
  • Custom footprint design to meet your needs
  • Complete BOM and part pricing for each design
  • Fabrication Drawing, Assembly and Gerber files to meet manufacturing requirements
  • Rigid/Flex PCB’s; complex board shapes can be created

What we can provide ?

  • Complete Schematic drawings
  • PCB layer stack drawings
  • Complete 3D PDF files
  • Fabrication files (Standard format is Gerber Extended; Gerber X2, ODB++, IPC-2581 available upon request)
  • Rout and Drill files
  • Assembly drawings
  • Fabrication specifications (Layer Stacks, Drill Tables and Drawings, etc.)
  • Complete Bill of Materials list (BOM)
  • Other customer specified outputs
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Cadence Allegro, Valor Enterprise 3000, Custom Programs

The layout is reasonable, the power redundancy of the power line is sufficient, the high-frequency impedance, and the low-frequency wiring are simple.

The decoupling capacitor needs to be added with a suitable value at a suitable position. For example, add it to the power supply port of your analog device, and you need to use different capacitance values to filter out spurious signals of different frequencies.

The impedance matching of the signal line, Space isolation from other signal lines.

For digital high-frequency signals, the effect of differential lines will be better.

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