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Smart Home Features

Energy Saving Automation

Home energy management system (HEMS) plays an important role to improve the efficiency,

Voice Control
for disabled

Everything can be controlled by voice, automation so now you can multitask .

Remote Control

A future is coming where every home appliance will be controlled using your smartphone.

It’s time to Get a Smart home for a better lifestyle

Energy Saving to Save Enery for Future

Smart-home energy-management system: this is how the smart Energy Manager distributes solar power in the home. Home energy-management system: the Bosch Energy Manager also controls the flow of locally produced solar power.

Remote Control for Disabled

With a single touch, your home responds. Room-by-room lights dim or turn up a notch; the shades lower or rise, but the fireplace comes to life and your favorite playlist fades up to the perfect volume.

Voice Control for Blind

Can’t do everything at the same time? With these new voice control devices, now you can! AHS lists the coolest in home automation so now you can multitask. Everything can be controlled by voice, and certainly with the help of Bluetooth and wifi.

High Security AI powered

Artificial Intelligence and Automation will be used as in cyber threat detection to certainly increase security, efficiency, and furthermore also help organizations are pro-active, helping them also to see the threats in advance and keep their infrastructure and data safe.

Our Devices for Smart home

HD Recoding for Security

Reachargable in Minutes


Charging - Get fast battery charging.

Wire-Free - Free of power cords Charging - Get fast battery charging.

RoboSlog is the humans behind the robots and a team of passionate people in a field of electronics and artificial intelligence. Above all, we are delivering our products worldwide offering the technology at its best.

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Sanjay Singh
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Frequently Asked Questions?

Home Automation is simply using a control system to control anything so as to electrical in the home. The home Automation system can also add convenience and save energy – the larger the house because of the greater the justification for a bespoke system. The central processor sits over the top of electrical subsystems in the house further ensures they work in harmony creating the perfect environment in the home.

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Home Entertainment is by far the most popular system we integrate – Music and TV around the home with every room connected. Whole Home Lighting Control allows us to show the home off at its best while adding warmth and ambiance. 

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Clients often ask us whether it is possible to integrate a device or automate a specific function – our answer is nearly always yes! We also integrate any electric device in the home and we work with bespoke automation experts – such as Future Automation – to make movement mechanisms for almost anything. We do not say no to a client yet – if it is physically possible we will automate it!

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