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STEM education is must for overall growth and development of children. It is useful for children to learn these skills at an early age. This type of learning are best for building future. Aim of STEM education is to prepare primary and secondary students for future.

Transform Students Vision into Creative Results

The term STEM stands for Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics. The primary objective of educational robotics is to provide a set of experience. So as to facilitate the student’s development of knowledge and skills. School training plays an important role in schooling.

 A STEM education program creates critical thinkers and problem-solvers. Also taking into consideration that India is one of the countries that produces the highest number of scientists and engineers.  The growth of STEM has certainly picked up significantly over the last few years. We also provide ATL support for labs in schools and institutions. Contact us 

STEM Training

Our Courses


Breadboard electronics allow kids to work with real electronics components. Without needing to use a soldering iron


A cool guide to help kids develop robots and electronics. About This clearly-written code with descriptions and comments that explain each code

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi was designed to teach computer science in schools. So learning to program is what first comes to mind.

Scratch DIY

Programs like Scratch are a great way to learn about the fundamentals of programming, Make your own games

Robot DIY

Designed to make coding fun without the typical frustrations of building and programming. Robot dance, chase around obstacles etc according programmed by students



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