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StEM Services

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education and its variations of STEAM or STREAM, brings an integrated learning approach towards building STEMcapable skills required for the future. There are various approaches to implementing STEM in schools, and whatever approach fits with your school’s vision, RoboSlog can help in the design, resource selection, curriculum alignment, teacher training and implementation.

Innovation Centres

Here We provide Training to schools, activity centres etc

STEM+ Studios

We also have DIY Kits and product for Stem innovations

Components Delivery

We provide component to your schools, your place

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Our Course design

We have Our Course Contents in Robotics according to All Age Groups in Robots, Scratch, 3d printing and Drones etc.

In addition, Roboslog provides robotics mentoring, career introduction and internships, all geared toward connecting students to the opportunities provided by a STEM education and occupation.

Inspiring the Next G. Engineers & Scientist.

Roboslog is committed to building a future for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education in the India, japan and China, Our multi-faceted outreach program is a resource for students, parents and educators to share in our excitement for the robotics industry and get an inside look at what we do here.

Our strategy

Our strategy to enable students at every level of schooling to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in STEM subjects and to apply that learning to shape their world.  Students will experience these subjects and apply their skills in new ways using collaboration, problem-solving and interdisciplinary thinking.


Future demand

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